The working environment at HAGL Agrico


To take advantage of the strengths of human resources, the Company has always focused on building HR policies and suitable working environment in order to create the best conditions for employees developing the ability of themselves..

Occupational Safe

Equipped facilities, tools and equipment for labor protection for people working in construction, plants and farms. Regularly inspect, monitor and disseminate the work of occupational safety for employees.

Healthcare for emplyee

To organize regular examination for employees at least 1 time/year. Periodic medical examination for employees at Medical University - Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hospital.

Wage and welfare policy

To boost morale and promote the creativity and efforts of employees at work, the Company has established a remuneration policy based on the following criteria: ability, working performance, the contribution to the overall development of the Company.

Apart from salary, bonus, allowances, the Company also implemented the welfare schemes for employees as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance under the provisions of labor law.

The Company also pays special attention to the construction of housing for employees, employees at the project site, provided with the necessary equipment to create the most favorable conditions for job.

Training Policy

To get the labor force with high qualification in the field of agriculture, the Company has been actively looking for experienced partners with prestige in consulting and implementing these techniques, and provide staff training trip to absorb new technologies.

In addition, the Company also encourages employees to improve by themselves, organize short-term internal training sessions to deploy new technologies and processes.