Why you should choose us


At HAGL Agrico, we believe that people are the key factor contributing to the success and sustainability of the Company. Professional working environment, the atmosphere of solidarity help to improve the efficiency of each individual's job.

We always try to create more opportunities for employees to challenge them, to experience, discover, creative in job and be recognized for its effective contribution.

Job management capability at all positions is one of our important highlights. At our company, employees are encouraged to take on more responsibility, shift work in many different parts to achieve the vision and take on greater responsibility in the company.

The satisfactory policies about salary, bonus, allowances are the motivations so that employees have long-term commitment to the Company. The company always ensures employees' income higher than the average level of the project around to help employees settle their life, and corresponding to their contributions to the Company.

To turn your dream to become true, we believe you will be successful in developing your career in HAGL Agrico.